dooorrr !!
new hair meennn. oh my god last tuesday i cut my hair and i was smoothing my hair. errr from first time i went to salon im not sure to change my hair style. but helloo curly hair sometimes makes me lalala ya. i cant used comb ih gelo haha.

soo i was smoothing my hair for 4 hours ya friend iuh pegel. some people said curly hair is the best style for me. so do i. i rather with curly hair than sraight hair like this ya.
after smoothing im look like cleopatra with this pony or like chinese girl hahaha i hate it. regret after lost my curly hair :( .

but hey one thing that makes me like my new hair. some of my friends told me im look more thin and feminim with sraight hair haha. you know la im being more fat since this month.

i want my curly hair back! but my father wont let me to curl my hair again.

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