hello again blog!
i never tell you more details about my boy kan ya? now while im waiting him, study math with his friend, i want to tell you 21 things why i love him so much.

1. he always cares with me even for a little things
2. he loves me even sometimes i did a crazy things
3. he always make me lalalala ( read : happy)
4. he really understand me
5. he teach me and help me do my home work
6. he sing our favourite song when he called me
7. he play a cutie song even i don't know the song that he played
8.he gave me songs to listen when im feel bored
9.he protected me when we were across the road
10. he make me comfy when i was crying
11.he always support me about everything i do
12.he called me at the midnight and sang happy birthday for me
13.he gave me so many surprises
14.he never cares if i never use make up
15.he never angry if i wear hotpants. not like another boy.
16.he always apoligize if he made a mistakes
17.he never forget to say i love you to me
18.he never make me jealous ( hmmm rarely)
19.he really respect me as his girlfriend
20.he is really mature even he is younger
21.he still love me even we have so many differents between us

i love you alanis <3

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