back to europe

wuahahaha today is holiday! no. its just for me, too lazy for school yeh
soo what i will do during this holiday?
wakaka just sleep and ate toast and ate tahu watched tv again and again. and i decided to listen to the music, but hey my cd was lost, when i was finding my cd at cd box,
i found dvd from EF. so i watched that dvd and oh my gooddd!

i really really miss that time.
and im feeling sad too because i'll never have another change to meet my friends in oxford and london. i mean as a full family of united kingdom homestay family.

remember guys when we laughed together, we felt hungry because we can't found rices in oxford, we cried together when we were seperated, we talked and gossip about the handsome boys, esp when we were eating in NANDOS, err how difficult to find NANDOS in indonesia. we took the busses go to kassam stadium ha?

not just for oxford, but all of uk fams. cimeng, kevin, ratih and all of you.
god if i have one change to go back to europe i will take it and do have fun with all of you guys. i hope you you never forget about our moment and we can meet each other someday, love you guys :')

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