new year eve

hei all, i want to say "happy new year 2009 "
im haven't a special event in new year eve. usually, in new year we are spend money to have fun or anything. but im not (for this year) . i had a job as a dancer (hey its modern dance, not striptis yeah) i need money, i want to make my mommy proud, if i be a dancer not just for having fun, but i want to make my parents proud. dance its just not dance.haha

i think jakarta would be trafic jam in everywhere, but it wasn't.
ternyata ga macet boo. haha i feel happy because it was new year, and i hpe i can get something better in this year.
but im felt something different too, dont know why, i felt like its not my self.i felt happy, i can laught but not from deep inside my heart (sumpah jijik deh bahasa gue hahaha)

and from this year, the begining of 2009, 010109, i decided to not talk , remember, or anything about you sin skrg whatever you if you want to rollin(jungkir balik maksudnya haha), you have new girlF, you have fun or sad with you life, you have new girlF again, WHATEVER SIN. i won't care anymore yaa. haahaha

oke enough ah ntar ada yang marah lagi baca blog gue, (mav ya haha).

soo happy new year all!
lets make a wish, wish if this year we can get what we want and we can be better than last year, okay,

evol :)

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