helll-ooo. okey you wanna know how about my feeling right now?
i dont know what is in english, but in indonesia is NYESEK.
why? because my fuckin ex boyF, you know la who. i just remembered about our moment , even we were broke up since august. yeah we have special relationship like "hanging" haha until last november.

now we just friend, ever maybe. he always tell me about his "gebetan". he never now how is my feeling every he tell me bout his love life. you know ga sin?? you HURT me yeah! NYESEK..
i knowmaybe you tell me about your love because im your friend. but, your way to tell me is like show off if you can get all of girls that you like. (siapa gt yg ga gamau sama cowok bermobil dan berduit kayak lo).

okey, i know that you wont love me again right? but i have a sugestion for you sin, we can live happily without girlF or boyF. love is not everything for you i know. and dont change you girlF or something like GEBETAN like you change you underwear.

maaf, gue cuma mau idup lo bener kayak dulu. gue cm peduli aja sm lo. oke :)

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