moving class

new year, and there is something new in my school. you know what?
haha moving class. yeah, sounds very boring and sucks, because all of students feel lazy to movin from one class to another class, and there was one problem yesterday. when i went to japanese class, another class (x1 ips 4) went to japanese class to. bentrok yaa hahaha
finally my class moved to english room. oh ya fyi yaa, i have a bad habit, sleeping in my class haha, usually i sleep when the teacher out from my class, but now i can't sleep again because every the lesson changes, i have to move to another class. -__-
and its hard to find my friends in another class because the classes always moving. jiahh

and the goverment in indonesia have a new rule for students in jakarta.schools start from 06.30 am! whhaatttt?? it means i have to wake up every morning earlier. wtf hah
i hate my school..

but hey, i have one thing that make new spirit for me, i tell you next time yaa

love :)

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