twilight fever, holiday!

haha whats the most favourite movie now? all off girls (not at all) add new nickname to their msn or facebook or something like that " cullen". haha my brother said if the girls are freak and crazy. i think its normally happen with us (esp female right) if they love to talk and be a fans of the actor or actress on that film.
but i dont know, i dont really like edward cullen in twilight, no! i mean im not really like. i think he is cool and yeah actually he is my dreamboy. hahahaha -____-. but his face is too scare for me, too white i mean. haha, i know his face was wearing make up because he is a vampire.
i just watched twilight yesterday with my mom and today i was watched it again with my friends (wtf nerr, really spend my money) haha.

yes im very happy because holllllliiideeeeeyyyyeahhh! hahahaha
i'll be missing my school and my class (off course no ya haha). no, my friends. haha
but im happy because im free to wake up in the afternoon, haha. actually thats not good for girls. dont try that at home (-_-). and i will spend my holiday time in my home. my mother not let me wasting my holiday out (too much) because last week i always went home lately.( sory i did it for my salzeus mom). and because off that i bought a lot off book to read during my holiday at home. sounds really boring ya? haha

i went to gramedia bookstore yesterday with my mom, why suddenly i went to bookstore? because there were new bookstore in grand indonesia and that is the biggest bookstore in indonesia.
oke enough, lebay yaa ner hahahaha.
and the bookstore have discount 30 % . soo i decided to bought a lot of books haha. you think that i will bought a lot of novel or something like that? no! i just bought one novel, haha.
you know what? i bought book "28 hari mendapatkan pacar" oh my wtf bgt ya haha, sepertinya saya sudah tidak laku mendapatkan pacar. ya saya merindukan mempunyai pacar loh haha

no im just kidding, gue cuma penasaran aja sama buku itu kok kayak bagus aja yak, mending ampuh kalo ga? hahaha yaudah happy holiday all!

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