happy mothers day!

yesterday was 22 december 2008. it was mothers day. all of you off course rmbr that day haha. except me! when i still slept, my mother woke me up and then she said if today is mothers day. oh noo, how can i forget about mothers day? im sory mom. :(
i have a habit, that every mothers day i always give my mother something like flowers, or make a special cake by myself, or buy anything. but not for this year. actually i already had a plan to make a special cake with my friends, but last week i was very busy with my salzeus because i had 2 dance competition in one week!
im really soooorryyyy mom, not giving you a prize or make a special cake like usual its not mean that im forget bout you. no! you have to know if i always love you mom, you are my special person in my life. number one lahh! im serious mom, i just want to say thanks for all, for anything that you gave to me, your time, and the important is your love to your children and my father off course! hehe

last word for you mom,

i love you more than anything :)

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