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yeah, i've been tagged from my friends, rara.
soo, i must write 10 fact about me. here there are :

1. i love STICH very much.first time i loved stich, when i bought stich doll in paris. it is very cute. it wears shirt " LOVE ME" and i caledl it wawa. and my friends really love wawa. i bring it everywhere i go. and because of wawa, now i really like everything about stich. hehe

2. i really love my Bolangs. i love bolang. i really miss our time when we were in singapore and malaysia. we sang at the busses, we take a walk at night, we slept together at hotel, we went to east coast park, and manymore.

3. i'm a social student. actually my obsession was to be a science student but my scores was (not) really bad.haha soo now i'm a social student. but now i love social class. i dont have many homework, i can cabut (englishnya apaa ya?)haha, and my favourite subject is economic.

4.going to XI science 3. My hobby when breaktime at school is going to XI science 3. because i have a lot of friends ther. (pik pik pik) haha. yeah, it is not the reason why i like to go to science 3. i can't tell you the reason haha

5.i like to laugh!.haha, every i see funny things i laughing till i cry. and many people hurt when i laugh very loudly. hahaha i;m sorry.

6. i can be patient (sometimes).i'm very emotional and moody. but in fact i can be very patient to my boyfriend. i dont know why, maybe because i love my boyfriend haha. but it can happen to my friends too. i never be angry with my friends. really! haha

7.i'm a dancer and i love it.
i'm joined in salzeus. it is an extraciriculler in my school. salzeus is not only dance. but salsa too. this is why salzeus special than another dance. even dance somtimes make my bodies sick, but i really love it. i hope i can give the best for salzeus.

8.i love my family. off course i love my family. because they always besides me when i need them. they always give what i want ( not at all) haha.

9.i love my *9soulmate. i love and i realllyyyy miss my *9 souls. i miss our time when we played together, we went to my house after school, we made a surprise, etc.

10. i hate girls who bother him. i dont know, even he was my boyfriend, and now we broke up, i still hate the girls who have special relationship with him. even he start it first. haha im sorry but it happened without i want.

yeahhh capekk gue make english mulu. mav yee kalo ngaco2. soalnya yaa itung2 make my english better laah hahaha. aduh ini gr2 i've been tagged by janitraa.

now. here are people who have been i tagged by me. haha congrats and i hope you write 10 fact about you like me now. haha
3.tiara karindy

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