hmm maaf deh ya

hai all! last monday was maulid nabi day ya haha english nya apatau.
so i want to say ' happy maulid nabi ya for all moslem '
hmm today my school had a special event for maulid nabi. it just like a presentation or someting like that la about nabi Muhammad SAW. nah i was sitting with my beloved Pita merah ya, and then someone was sitting in front of me with 'nyenggggg' smelts not good.
im sure, if you're a student in 71 you know la who is he. yap! he is MANANG.
i cant breath ya hhuuhh huek deh pokoknya. and then my friend Lya have a parfum and she sprayed the parfum around us and also manang. we hope the disgusting smell go away deh haha. ehh the parfum doesn't work very well. the smell came again and i felt ( mual).
iuhh,, i thought he know if his body was smell. but he still stay cool wtf nih guru.

hey teacher, why your smells is very good ha? hadah nafsu makan gue ilang hari ini karna dia

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