okey i just received homework from deedee. and this is the homework :

ini rules nya:
1. Everyone who get this award are obliged to write their recent love story & these rules in their new post.
2. Everyone who get this award are obliged to tag 7 of your friends who have an unique love story to be shared then they must do what you do as well.

and this is my answer :

1.my love story is very -_____-. you know what i mean lahh. i dont have boyF, and something called 'gebetan' in indonesia. i just enjoy my life now, single and im free ! hahaha wtf yaa love story gue. but i hope someday i will found my dreamboy lahh hahahaha apatau gue

buat deedee : makasih ya awardnya, haha

oh ya, the next people who have to write about their story is :
1. annisa marsha
3. rivaldi fahmi harun
4.fadhli ramadhan
5.irma sani
6.ka foi
7.sapaa dahhh

thankie :)

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1 komentar:

irma mengatakan...

whatttt? mee? love story? have none of it, ahaaa