english is important right?

eh eh posting kali ini gue mau blajar pake bhs inggris ya. plis kalo ada yan salah jgn diketawain gue ga ngerti2 bgt soalnya. haha
sooo, all of us know if english is very important for us because it is international language and many country use english as their language. for example singapore :D. for you information i really want to speak english very well. i already studies english since i was 6 years old, but haha really poor me, my grammar is really bad and sometimes i speak english wrongly. and i already join in EF (english first) until now but still can't speak english like 'bule' haha.i can understand if someone speak english, but when i have to talk english, ohh haha its really bad.
but i'm not stupid ya haha, i believe that someday i can speak english very well.and since students from NYJC singapore came to indonesia, i want to practice my english more and more to make my english better. so when i chat or talk with NYJC students i can talk full of english, not use malay again. haha

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